Monday, December 25, 2017

Tally :- Entry of Fixed Assets

Friends,   I am using Tally Accounting Software since 1996, but not know about entry of Fixed Assets.   There are too many modes of entry, but proper entry is required to get benefit of entry in future. 

Below screenshot help the users to make entry of fixed assets in entry.   Entry should be done as Item Invoice. 

Create a item for which you want to make entry in tally :-

In case above screen is not showing with "At Zero Cost" then  Press F12 and Allow Advanced entries in  Master with Yes.

Secondly in case you are also enable to find Ledger of fixed assets during purchase entry you should  Press F12 in twice  while making purchase invoice and and mark Yes for "Allow expenses/fixed assets for accounting allocations ? ". Screenshot for the same is also given below :-

Benefit of Entry in Proper Manner :-

  1.  Only quantity of fixed assets will be displayed in Stock Summary.
  2. Value of fixed assets will not be displayed in Trading Account.
  3. Stock Quantity of fixed assets can be checked at any time in future. 
  4. No need to pass Physical Voucher for removing Value  & Quantity of Fixed Assets from Balance Sheet.

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