Thursday, September 20, 2018

GST :- Due Date for submitting or filing GST Return for Aug, 2018

Friends,   It is now general awareness that Due Dates of GST returns have been extended upto 31.10.2018 etc,  This is not only for a particular month but also since inception of GST i.e. July, 2017.

                 Keeping in view above position, lot of personals or GST stake holders will be in double that the due date of  GSTR3B for the month Aug, 2018 is also extended, where as there is no change.  Due Date for GSTR3B for the month Aug, 2018 is 20th September, 2018.  After that Late filing fee will be charged.  

                     Therefore all GST Number holders are requested to submit their GSTR3B for the month Aug, 2018 in time so that penalty can not be imposed. 

A picture view for showing GST Due Dates of GST portal as on 20.09.2018 is available below:-

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