Friday, September 21, 2018

GST :- September 2018 (Special Return)

Friends,   As everyone knows that now GSTR-3B AND GSTR-1 are due for filing GST return for the month September, 2018 as time period for the month Aug, 2018 for GSTR3b has been lapsed. 

Why September, 2018 is important for filing GST return ?
  • All Data of GSTR-1 relating to Financial Year 2017-18 can be amended through this return. 
  • GSTR3b can be updated accordingly GSTR-1 for correcting  input and output GST.
  • Due interest or penalty(Financial Year 2017-18) should be deposited before submitting this return to avoid audit litigation. 
  • Sales showing in Trading Account for the year 2017-18 should be matched with data of GSTR-1.
  • GST payable / receivable amount showing in balance sheet dated 31.03.2018 should be matched with GST Cash Ledger + GST Credit Ledger. 
  • GSTR-2A data should be matched with Purchase figures showing in Trading Account ending on 31.03.2018.

Due Dates for Submitting GSTR returns for the month September 2018 is given below :-
  • GSTR-1         due date 31-10-2018
  • GSTR-3B       due date 20.10.2018

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